We happily work with designers, contractors, homeowners, architects, and business owners.  We begin by meeting with you, preferably at the site location, to discuss the look and style you would like to achieve.  We work together to create a plan that fits your needs.  We discuss colors, textures, shapes, edging and sealing options and from this samples will be made.  Once we have come to an agreement and a work order has been requested, we thoroughly review our sales contract and a 50% deposit required to proceed.  The remaining 50% is due upon installation.

                We visit the site and make templates to your existing countertops taking into consideration the fine details present, such as walls or cabinets that may be out of square.  We use these templates to build the forms that are generally made from melamine.


                We then begin the concrete pouring process.  A fine mist coat is sprayed into the forms followed by many thin layers of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC).  Using GFRC gives us the ability to create lightweight, strong and relatively thin concrete shapes.


                Once the concrete has cured, we remove the countertop from the form and begin the polishing process.  We use a diamond grinder starting with 50 grit pad, grout any pinholes and continue grinding with finer grit pads to desired smoothness.  If the countertop is to be acid stained, we would complete the process at this stage. 


                Finally, we finish by applying the appropriate sealer and allow to set as per manufacturer instructions.  At this point a delivery time is set and we install your custom, one of a kind countertops!